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Legal marijuana is ‘inevitable,’ says California attorney general

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“I am not opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I’m the top cop, and so I have to look at it from a law enforcement perspective and a public safety perspective,”  Kamakla Harris Dear Kamala, we truly don’t care about what you have to say. For you to utter those ignorant words above speaks volume. […]


Cannabis Cookie Recipe

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Sweet’n up your Monday morning!
My favorite StonerChefs have done it once again so of course I had to share another great recipe.

This recipe is STONER proof & “No Bake” so no oven is required. It’s easy and is ready for devour is less than 25 minutes.

All you need is:

¼ cup natural crunchy peanut butter
½ cup crunchy Speculoos cookie butter (Trader Joe’s)
¼ cup cane sugar
¼ cup cocoa powder, unsweetened and dutch-processed
1 ½ cups vanilla soy or almond milk
¼ cup coconut CannaOil
¼ cup earth balance butter
3 cups quick cooking oats
2 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch coarse salt

Full Recipe

Recipe by Natalie Martinez


Is Cannabis the cure for Alzheimer’s?

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Recent scientific findings have suggested that cannabinoid therapy can not only help to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, but also to alleviate some of the symptoms. Alzheimer’s disease, a neurological disorder characterized by loss of memory and learned behavior, affects more than 4.5 million Americans. There is no treatment to stop the progression of […]

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Chile plants first medicinal Marijuana plant

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Chile joins the controversy by planting their first medical Marijuana plant. Chile is already one of the most well developed countries in South America, and accumulates the highest yearly tourist attraction.

The South American country’s experiment adds to an international trend of easing restrictions on marijuana for medical or personal use.

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Drug laws around the world – does anyone get it right?

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The charts below from the Portugal decriminalization experiment should quiet the doubters. Continue with the story for information on the Czech Republic, Uruguay, Netherlands, Japan, USA, China, Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden.




Alaskan marijuana sales set to generate $100million in taxes

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If voters decide to legalize marijuana in Alaska, annual sales could generate more than $100 million in tax revenue by the time 2020 rolls around, sales analysts believe. The Marijuana Policy Group said […]

Pot of Gold: Alaskan marijuana sales set to generate $100mn in taxes
Marijuana Policy Group, Marijuana

420 Morning Coffee boost

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Mornings can be such a drag. One of my favorite sites when looking for a morning boost to my coffee… Great recipes and content. Here’s today’s morning boost recipe brought to us by a former Olympian.

Ross’ Gold 420 Morning Coffee

Step 1.) Make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee.
Step 2.) Stir in approx 1/2 teaspoon of Cannabis-infused honey (to taste) or ½ teaspoon of Cannabutter if it’s easier.
Step 3.) Add coffee cream to taste.
Step 4.) Stir and enjoy.
Step 5.) Repeat the last four steps over the course of the morning until desired state of body and mind are realized!!!
Story via- Matt Gray

Hemp Is on its Way to Your Car Battery and Many Things You Haven’t Yet Imagined

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Doug Fine Become a fanWorld’s leading comedic investigative journalist; Author Posted: 10/22/2014 10:26 am EDT Updated: 10/22/2014 10:59 am EDT October 14, 2014 | The first digital-age domestic hemp crop is being harvested as I write. The subtle decrease in seismic activity currently puzzling Virginia geologists can be traced to Thomas Jefferson ceasing to spin […]